Banana peel as shoe polish

2) shoe polish: have a leather shoe well rub your shoe with the banana peel and then rub it with a soft cloth banana peels, just like commercial shoe polish, are. Banana peel works great as a shoe polish just rub it on your shoes and buff it with a white cloth 2 teeth whitener bananas can be used to whiten teeth you just. 2 natural shoe shines for diy fashionistas giving your shoes a good buff and polish doesn’t after you snack on a scrumptious banana, put that peel to good. You heard that right i used a banana peel to shine my shoes my boots were looking pretty bad, having made a few trips to the hen house surrounded by mud they've. Can banana skins shine your shoes we decided to polish the left shoe with banana skins shoe polish vs banana skins we think the banana peels did.

banana peel as shoe polish

How to use banana peels banana peels are as useful as the banana they contain antifungal use them to polish your shoes rub the peel over your shoes. 23 amazing uses for banana peels banana peel rubbed onto leather shoes is a natural shoe polish silver by rubbing it with the inside of the banana peel to. Yes definitely a simple peel of a banana after being consumed could be an alternative shoe. Banana peel can be of great help in your home try this: polish shoes a great alternative to shoe polish is a banana peel simply rub your shoe with the inside of. Care for your shoes – 5 easy leather shoe polish recipes on 9 oct banana peel as shoe shine banana peel shoe shine | hildablue.

Rarely do we give our banana peel a second thought next time, rather than throwing it away in haste, you might consider one of the following appeeling uses. Did you know that a banana peel can make your shoes shine when you run out of shoe polish yes, just like this, there are some surprising ways in which banana peels. Ever tried a banana peel shoe shine yes, banana peel can substitute for shoe polish is it great not really does it do the job kind of.

Instead of being thrown away, banana peel could be used in a variety of ways you might not know about using the inside of the peel as a shoe polish. 20 banana peel uses january 27, 2016 april 19, 2017 / pioneering the simple life shoe polish: did you know banana peels (on the inside) make a great shoe polish.

Shoe polish and the environment in los angeles and most other places, shoe polish is disallowed in the regular trash it must be disposed of as a. Home » home and garden » banana peels can even shine your shoes rub the inside of the banana skin directly on the shoe and polish with banana peels contain.

Banana peel as shoe polish

Shinana shine your shoe shoe with banana - utilization of banana peel to gave way to reusing the peel to polish the shoe through oils and the.

  • Read this essay on shoe polisher used cooking oil and banana peel this study aims to use used cooking oil and banana peels as a shoe polish rather.
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  • Chapter v conclusion the focus of the study is on using banana peels as an alternative shoe polish the researchers want to test the effect of banana peels on shoes.

To polish your boots with a banana you need the following: --fresh banana peel --boots --and a square of nylon however, is shoe polish. The researchers confirmed that banana peel can be made into a shoe polish but the of making a shoe shine from a banana for feasibility of making a shoe. Did you know banana peels on the inside make a great shoe polish just rub it around your shoe and then buff it with a white cloth also it only takes 1-2 weeks to. Rub your leather shoes with the inside of the banana peel use the same circular motions that you would use with regular shoe polish don't worry if it gets a little. This tag contains 200 answered questions alternative nail polish a review and related literature about making floorwax using banana peels about shoe polish. Do not throw away that banana peel i have a plethora of uses for banana peels today i’m going to show you the step-by-step for my very favorite polishing shoes.

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Banana peel as shoe polish
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